Mottainai – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect

“Mottainai attempts to communicate the inherent value in a thing and encourage using objects fully or all the way to the end of their lifespan. Leave no grain of rice in your bowl; if a toy breaks, repair it; and take good care of everything…”

“When an object turns 100 years old, it attains a spirit and becomes atsukumogami. The concept that 100-year-old objects are imbued with spirits was an outgrowth of the Shinto reverence for objects and sacred spaces. A modern day ritual known as ningyō kuyō collects unwanted but not unloved dolls and, in a kind of mock funeral, prays for them and thanks the dolls for years of fond memories…

Mottainai has come to be thought of as an all-encompassing Japanese term for the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and respect…” See the full article, written by Kevin Taylor on by clicking here

Yes. Mottainai doesn’t only apply to objects however, it also applies to people. Appreciate and make full use of your abilities, gifts, talents and opportunities. Explore your potential. The concept of mottainai comes from the recognition of the transience of all things – nothing is here forever – appreciate things fully while you can.

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