Hi! Welcome to my site.

Here is a quick intro to what this site is about, and why I have given it the title ‘dewdrops on momiji’… (head to my About page to find out a bit more!)

This site is partly about Japanese art, design, culture and places, (momiji = Japanese maple, acer palmatum) and partly about an approach to life which involves slowing down and taking the time to pause, look around and wonder at the marvels of life which are all around us.. reminding ourselves that we get so used to looking at and experiencing the world through just one pair of human eyes, one cultural perspective, through the filter of our own personal history…

… and yet there are limitless ways to experience and perceive the world. Sometimes all it takes is a slight change of perspective.

These new perspectives can sometimes be discovered through an experience such as living in a new country with a different language, different cultural norms, different ways of understanding how the world works, different definitions of beauty…

or, they can be discovered without going anywhere and just exploring with your mind or your imagination.

When you stop and re-appraise your default perspective you’ll discover that there is always a different way of looking at things…

…you might even discover a whole new world within a single dewdrop.

IMG_8021closeup larger

Himeji Castle, Japan

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